“The State of Extraction: Corporate Imperatives, Public Knowledge and Global Struggles for Alternatives”–Public Conference on Mining, Fossil Fuels and Common Resources

March 27 2015
515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 5K3
See the new website for this conference just launched at http://stateofextraction.org/

There is space within the conference for more workshops. Please fill out the form at http://stateofextraction.org/workshop-proposal if you have a idea that is consistent with the themes would would be an important contribution to the conference.

Canada is home to three quarters of the world’s mining companies, and the country also boasts the world’s single largest mining project: the Alberta tar sands. Concerns about whether or not Canada is becoming a “petro state” fold into the reality that it is already the quintessential extraction state. Canadian based companies are perpetually embroiled in disputes related to the social and environmental impacts of their activities in Canada, Latin America, South America, and Africa; meanwhile, concerns over anthropogenic climate change have centered in recent years around the tar sands, various proposed pipelines, the new “fracking” industry, renewed and expanding coal projects, and the current Government’s determination to fully develop and exploit its fossil fuel resources (rather than devote resources to a meaningful consideration of sustainable alternatives). However, the social, economic, and ecological impacts of this situation have received inadequate public attention and debate—despite the fact that the global scientific community is virtually unanimous in its dire warnings about current economic practices and their ecological and social impacts.

The State of Extraction conference builds upon the Canadian Mining and the University lecture series running over the past two years at all three SFU campuses and organized by Stephen Collis under the auspices of the Institute for the Humanities. The goal of the conference is to bring together indigenous leadership, academics, scientists, artists and public intellectuals from a variety of disciplines (many of them past participants in the Canadian Mining and the University series), activists engaged in various struggles related to resource extraction (including oil, gas, coal and precious and rare earth metals), affected communities and publics to examine the new face of resource capitalism in Canada and its influence on the world, the (lack of) public debate about such issues and the role of resource capitalism in structuring (and frustrating) such debate (with particular emphasis on the role and suppression of scientific findings), as well as models of economic and social development, with special attention to alternative models oriented towards social and environmental justice. The intention is thus to move through the full range of issues: from the economics and politics of mining, through its varied social and ecological impacts, across the terrain of social struggle and public debate, to the various alternatives to fossil fuels and current mining practices. All these many strands will be brought together through a series of presentations by leading academics and public intellectuals, cross-disciplinary roundtable discussions, open public debate, and participatory workshops.

Conference website: http://www.stateofextraction.org/

Presenters and participants include: Rachel Ariss / Caleb Behn / Angelica Choc / Aziz Choudry / Chandu Claver / Glen Coulthard / Leila Darwish / Alain Deneault / Eriel Deranger / Rueben George / Judith Goldman / Chris Hedges / Freda Huson / Kanahus Manuel / Jennifer Moore / Melina Laboucan Massimo / Mark Nowak / Rhoda Quock / Jonathan Skinner / Toghestiy / Cory Wanless / Kevin Washbrook




JOIN : Eddie Gardner, Stó:lō elder from Chilliwack, and Shirley Samples Vancouver organizer, and help educate shoppers about the risks farmed salmon pose to their own health and to wild salmon.

WHERE : COSTCO – 605 Expo Blvd, Vancouver (just off Dunsmuir, near BC PLACE).
For details check the FACEBOOK EVENTpage.

Boycott Rally : HAPPENING SATURDAY JAN. 24!!

When Eddie Gardner, Stó:lō elder from Skwah First Nation, realized that net-pen salmon farms put wild salmon at serious risk he began organizing farmed salmon boycott rallies every month. The gatherings are peaceful, educating shoppers about the risks farmed salmon pose to their own health and to wild salmon.

Other communities are joining in simultaneous rallies throughout BC and across Canada. Join us by checking OUR CALENDAR.


In Nov. 2013, Boycott Rallies began to occur simultaneously – coordinated in different communities of BC and all them targeting a local Superstore retail outlet for that date.

The Rallies continue to grow, across both BC and in eastern Canada (at various targeted retailers). To find the location nearest you, or to start a Rally in your area, check RALLY LOCATIONS.


Everyone can pitch in and help us stop farmed salmon at the cash register!
Organize a Rally in your own community – it’s not hard:

• Review and Agree to the Rally Pledge
• Plan your Rally, using our Rally Basics
• Make signs, posters, etc. using our Downloads page


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  • I pledge to be respectful of the premises, the staff and the customers in the area of the rally I want to hold;
  • I am holding this rally in support of the wider movement to stop farmed salmon at the cash register and protect wild salmon, but this is a distinct and independent event;


If possible, select a big-box store nearby that sells farmed altantic salmon: Superstore, Costco, Walmart…
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