Give Love and Thanks to Water (and what of those who destroy it?)

Goldcorp buys another mine, concerns continue in Guatemala


Not only human rights abuses, destruction of democracy



Why Harper & Wynne’s meeting could undermine the right to water in Ontario

On first glance, the part about the prime minister and premier discussing drinking water for First Nations could seem like a step forward. The crisis is clear enough. Late last year, CBC reported, “Nearly half of the 133 First Nations in Ontario currently have boil water advisories, and it has been more than ten years since ten First Nations in northwestern Ontario had clean drinking water.”

But it’s also possible – and appears to be the case – that this issue was discussed in the context of the 350-kilometre transportation corridor needed to ship ore out of the Ring of Fire area for processing. In 2012, the Globe and Mail noted, “Ironically, a road of some sort may help with Marten Falls [First Nation’s] short-term drinking-water concerns. …[It] would be ready access to the community, bringing in cheaper supplies and professional help that Marten Falls requires frequently to keep its water system in good shape.”

The “ironic” part is that along with the water contamination risks of extracting $30 billion worth of chromite over a 5,000 kilometre area of pristine wilderness, which would include tailings ponds for the mining waste and hydro-electric dams to power the operations, the road would go through boreal forest and over several major waterways posing further water risks in the traditional lands of the Marten Falls, Webequie, Neskantaga and other First Nations. The Neskantaga First Nation has been without potable water since 1995.


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