A few days ago facebook ignited with grotesque images of escaped farmed rainbow trout in Norway.  Norwegian sportfishermen are posting images of the 60-80 fish they are catching per day in a race to keep these “fish” from entering wild salmon rivers and digging up the eggs of the last few wild Atlantic salmon.  The controversy that has built is causing unprecedented political response recommending the salmon farming industry get out of the ocean. For the politicians who refuse to see the damage, the call is for them to get out of office.

Norway is the mother of salmon farming – perhaps we should listen.


Reading this and looking at the pictures is like looking in the mirror – farmed steelhead, infected with viruses threatening wild Atlantic salmon…

This industry has to go.  Their last stronghold has turned on them. Consider sharing this blog with all your politicians and would be politicians.

Alexandra Morton



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Youth support worker at Urban Native Youth Association and pet care specialist at Little Buddies Pet Care. I have completed a minor in First Nations Studies at SFU and am a Psych major. I continue to work as an oral testimony archivist with Dr. annie ross in the FN dept. at SFU. In 2016 I will attend grad school at City U to do a masters in counseling, and then a post master's certificate in Art Therapy. My dream is to open an inner city healing center one day. My vision is that it will offer a variety of holistic alternative therapies, and a community gardening program. I also would love to incorporate animal therapy somehow. I decided on the name "Reflections" for the healing centre, because we look back or (reflect) to sort out our feelings and archetypal imagery, and to look at a reflection of ourselves through the art.

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