Here’s a cool song that utilizes the Irish language with Heavy Metal.  The meaning behind the song speaks to the power of healing through art as mentioned by the artist below.

“For those asking about the song’s meaning. It has two meanings!
1. It’s about personal healing through music with the goddess as a metaphor (The theme of the whole album is healing/catharsis through art)
2. Sirona was a Celtic goddess of healing & rebirth on the European continent. But Ireland ‘never found’ Sirona herself, she only made it as far as Gaul. Therefore in the song we still have a hole in our heart that we as a nation have never truly recovered or ‘healed’ from. Hence my call to ‘Come and heal us too’ in the middle section 🙂 I imagined her singing watery, fluid songs to the ancient celts to bring them health & rebirth.”

-Posted by Ryan


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