If you haven’t already seen whats been happening back home in Australia, the Australian government has decided from July 1, 2015, the will be shutting down 150 Aboriginal communities in Western Australia.  The communities will stop receiving basic civil rights like the rest of the country like fresh water, electricity, sewage and further basic necessities.  In turn this is a breach of Aboriginal peoples fundamental human rights, all because they are living in their homelands as they have done for millennia!  This is nothing but a land grab of Aboriginal lands in order to proceed with mining within the region!  This in effect is a blatant process of cultural genocide, where displacing those communities, they will be forced to assimilate into the metropolitan areas where carrying out their cultural practices and responsibilities are not available. The Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott stated that “We cannot continue to fund remote communities lifestyle choices”, in response to Aboriginal communities, but yet the imperialistic ideologies of the Australian government in benefiting their ‘privilege’ from their stolen wealth is central to the ongoing colonisation process.  I wish I could be back home protesting and supporting my brother and sisters, but that is not possible 😦 …. so here are some links if you wish to read further about these atrocities on my peoples communities. Warraba