City of Vancouver calling it an “oil spill,” Vancouver Aquarium concerned

Photo via twitter by Mike Groat

Cleanup workers are at English Bay today, responding to reports of an oily sheen coating the water on the east side of the bay at about 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre is closely monitoring developments around the overnight spill of bunker fuel in English Bay, a press release said. “The immediate concern is whether the spill will affect aquatic species that live at or around the water’s surface, in the water column, or in the sediments. Vancouver Aquarium has offered its assistance with the monitoring and evaluation, and is preparing a rapid response team to ensure the protection of any fish, seabirds and/or marine mammals that might be at risk from this toxic spill.”

Port Metro Vancouver received multiple reports about the spill before calling in the coast guard.

The spill is suspected to be bunker fuel, leaking from a nearby cargo ship.

Investigation and clean up efforts are expected to continue into Thursday.

The size and scope of the spill have not been specified.

The City of Vancouver is holding a press briefing soon.